Whether you have a new project or need to optimize existing production operations, give us a call and we will surely save you time and money!
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We specialize in electrical and control systems support. In addition, we offer extensive software development services. Ibex System Inc. has established a solid reputation as a premier control systems specialist through working closely with operations on many and different processes in a wide range of industries. We understand your processes and can effectively optimize your plant's automated engineering response to changing process conditions. For any project, small or large, we ensure successful delivery of cost effective and reliable operations.
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Manufacturing ConsultingIBEX Systems Inc. offers expertiese in Manufacturing Consulting to support your business needs. Our consultants will analyze your current manufacturing performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and help you develop a roadmap and implementation plan to ensure these improvements are realized.

Controls Engineering The traditional core of IBEX Systems Inc. services is the design and fabrication of custom control systems for clients in multiple industries. While we prefer to handle your entier project needs, we can assist your internal people with any electrical or system control needs you may have. Our goal is to support your needs with competence and high quality support. If you have large projects and need to augment your internal staff support, or if you have a small project you wish to leverage our consulting services, give us a call. In either case, we will save you time and money.
Manufacturing Operations & ControlsIBEX Systems Inc. offers level 3 manufacturing execution and support services. We support your data collection and reporting needs and can locally optimize the costs for individual production areas while carrying out production schedule established by level 4 functions.
Project ManagementIBEX Systems Inc. offers certified expertiese in project management. We provide agile project management in support of your software development needs. But do not wait until you have a project! We have the knowledge and expertiese to get involved early in the process at the fesibility study to help you refine your project's engineering and design time and material cost estimates. We can help you at any phase in your project's life cycle.
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